Dr. Scott Taylor performed surgery on my mother’s hip almost two months ago after she fell, causing an intertrochanteric fracture of her femur (if I mangled that, the fault is my own, I’m not great at medical terminology). Dr. Taylor provided the best care for my mother, and the Home Health nurse remarked that his incision was remarkable! Even though my mom is 81, it seems she will likely regain full use of her leg and I believe we owe it all to Dr. Taylor. My mom’s primary care doctor spoke very highly of him as well. I met him twice, once about a week post-surgery and again today. He is very kind, patient and knowledgeable, and I’m grateful my mother was under his care for her surgery. I highly recommend him, and while i hope circumstances don’t require us to see him again, I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out for his help if we need it! His office staff was very kind and helpful as well!

– Heather R.

Dr Taylor saw mother for 2nd post op visits, he’s as professional, kind as day 1, office manager Nicole,assistant Angela, front desk lady well above professionals, gave them all a two thumbs up, yes, I still 100%recommended.
– Anne T.

Dr. Taylor examined my shoulder with what turned out to be a strain of the long head biceps tendon. He diagnosed it immediately, was willing to try out the cortisone shot on the first visit, and also willing to venture an early opinion, subject to revision, that an operation would likely be needed.

Once he got imaging back, to his credit, he DID reverse his early judgment. He said the imaging clearly showed I would recover with PT alone.

It’s still too early to say if he was right about that, but I applaud his attention, willingness to communicate, and again, willingness to revise himself. High integrity.

He also put in a final console call with me after I lost my insurance. Stand-up guy.
– Jake M.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Scott Taylor since June 9, 1999 he is an outstanding sports med very reputable in the bay area and after 20+ years of my surgery I returned and he was very helpful I did not have insurance and he worked with me I can’t say enough about his professionalism and the staff is professional very nice environment very professional .appointments timed properly no long waiting I can’t say enough for Dr. Scott Taylor and his care.
– Rick B.

Dr Taylor came to my rescue!!
I fell and fractured my hip and he was the on call surgeon at Alta bates. He spent almost an hour talking to me and my husband before the surgery. He was very caring and nice!
Thank you doctor!
– Zora R.

October 18, 2018 following my visit, I was initially not optimistic since I’ve had so many disappointments with medical services in Oakland. I walked into Dr. Taylor’s office and sat in the waiting area with another woman who asked if I was having my knee replaced. I replied, “I don’t really know m’am, it’s my first visit.” She said, “Oh you will be very happy with Dr. Taylor, he did my knee surgery and I feel like a new person.

I have been so frustrated over the last three years with clear and caring review of my knee condition.
Although I will not need a replacement at this moment, Dr. Taylor took time to [listen] and educate me. He reviewed my MRI and took time to educate me about the sagittal views of my knee where other providers, even Kaiser failed to pay attention or provide care. Dr. Taylor was exceptional quality in today’s delivery of health service.

When it is time for a knee replacement, I want Dr. Taylor to by my surgeon. Thank you to staff and Dr. Taylor for making my day a little kinder.
– Jasmine M.

Thank you doctor Taylor for your service and team members for commitment. While riding skate board I broke my ankle. Three parts were broken on my right foot. Dr. Taylot conducted surgery and 2 month later I can walk. I really appreciate your service and advise toward my future.
Teams are really kind and devoteful. Sorry for not mentioning your all names. It was grateful for me to meet you all
– JeongMoon C.

Quality of Life is So Important! And Mine Is Wonderful!
I’ve had two hip replacements and I haven’t used pain medication since my second surgery. For my birthday this year, I walked the Oakland Half Marathon. The next day, I went to The Grand Canyon with a couple of friends. Serious Hiking! I Never would have been able to do this a couple of years ago. Thank You Dr. Taylor!
– Renata G.

Love Dr. Taylor and his staff. From the first time I called for an appointment I have felt cared for. I had torn meniscus surgery, which went smoothly. What impresses me most is the aftercare. Dr. Taylor is fully present, listens, and offers information I hadn’t gotten elsewhere. I’ve had calls from the office telling me something Dr. Taylor wanted me to know, which tells me he was thinking about me outside of my appointment.

After the surgery I elected to have a series of Hyalgan injections and made the first appointment. Based on what they knew of my preferences, his staff set up the rest of the needed appointments for and all I had to do was say whether I could make them or not. They made it so easy.
– Joie S.

I’m writing this about Dr. Taylor, because we have had quite a lot of interaction with him, and his staff, over the three months from November 4, 2017, through January 2018. My husband’s 90 year old mother fell on the evening of Nov.3, and was taken to Alta Bates. About midday on the 4th, the hospital determined that she had a broken left femur and right humerus – 2 fairly serious bones in a person that old. Dr. Taylor was called in, and by about 8 in the evening, had performed the surgeries to repair and stabilize both bones. We met him after the 2nd surgery, in the hospital lobby. Although he had certainly had a busy and tiring “work day”, he was generous with his time, showing us the X-rays, answering all our questions about the injuries and prognosis, and even explaining the science behind titanium being the best choice for metal rods when bones need reinforcing.

We immediately felt complete confidence in Dr. Taylor’s skills, as well as his obvious compassion, and a true enthusiasm for his chosen profession. During the 5 days my mother-in-law was a patient at Alta Bates, he continued to conscientiously monitor her progress. She can’t have been an easy patient for anyone at the hospital to deal with, since in my own observation, as a daily visitor, she did a lot of complaining and arguing with all the staff, much of it based on post-anesthesia mental confusion and inaccurate memories. But Dr. Taylor never has wavered in his determination to bring about the best possible healing result, given his patient’s resistance to medical treatment, and fairly advanced osteoporosis.

My husband and I also both had occasion to visit Dr. Taylor’s private office in company with my mother-in-law (first, to have the cast replaced with a brace; second, to have the brace removed). On each occasion, Dr. Taylor and all his staff who were present, were extremely patient and caring. After the examination and technical reason for the visits were over, Dr. Taylor was always willing to take time to answer all our questions about the medical issues, to our full satisfaction.

This has been a particularly challenging situation for all concerned, since my mother-in-law is a devout member of the Christ.Science Church, and never would have chosen hospitalization or any kind of medical intervention, if she had had a choice in the matter. However, passers-by saw her fall and called an ambulance, the ambulance was required to take her to the hospital, and in the absence of an Advance Health Care Directive, the hospital was legally bound to provide the treatment deemed essential to insure her wellbeing and stability. But again I want to give Dr. Taylor all my admiration, for his respectful attitude towards a set of spiritual beliefs which I myself find extremely hard to either understand, or have much patience with.

Dr. Taylor managed to do such an excellent job with his surgery, setting and stabilizing of the two bones, that within about 8 weeks my mother-in-law was having very increased mobility in the broken arm, and beginning to walk with the broken leg. Now, at a little under 3 months, she is able to hold things and do a little lifting with the injured arm, and is walking faster and faster down the whole length of corridors at the Christ.Sci. nursing facility where she has been living since mid-November. In reply to our query about “timeline of healing” when we first met him, he told us that for someone of this age and condition, 3 to 6 months was usual. We feel that all credit is due to Dr. Taylor’s exceptional skill as a surgeon, that his patient has made such good progress, in a scant 3 months.

I can say unequivocally, that if either myself or my husband should ever have any of our own bones come to need surgery and healing, Dr. Taylor would be our first choice, without a moment’s hesitation.
– Patricia L.

If you are urgently trolling the Internet for an orthopedic surgeon in Oakland, look no further. Dr. Taylor stitched up my achilles tendon and exceeded my expectations of orthopedic surgical care. My review reflects my experience after more than two months under his care.

Unlike the arrogant (orthopedic) surgeons we see on TV — or even know in real life — Dr. Taylor is just about the opposite of the stereotype. He is kind, patient, and genuinely interested in you as an individual. As for his actual skill as a surgeon, from what I can tell, he did a beautiful job repairing and sewing up my achilles. I had no complications with the surgery or healing in the weeks following. Ten weeks after surgery, I am making progress in my physical therapy sessions, right on par with others who have had their achilles surgically repaired (like Kobe Bryant).

I called his office a few times with questions about my healing leg, and he always took my calls himself, if not immediately, then within a few hours of my calling. And he never made me feel rushed or stupid for asking (what I thought were) stupid questions.

Dr. Taylor’s entire office staff also demonstrated great patience and empathy, as though they truly understood what I was going through. Everyone did their best to make the insurance, scheduling, and other paperwork go as smoothly as possible. It didn’t feel burdensome the way it can at other busy medical practices. Angela, Dr. Taylor’s medical assistant and right hand during office exams, was also phenomenally caring *and* careful during procedures.

Note that all the negative reviews of Dr. Taylor here on Yelp refer to things that have nothing to do with the quality of his care as a surgeon. I’ve seen many doctors in my lifetime, and my wait times over five separate visits to Dr. Taylor’s never exceeded what is to be expected of a lively medical office. It was also a breeze getting an appointment to see him. I ruptured my achilles tendon on Sunday, got in for a consultation appointment the next day (Monday), and was in surgery on Wednesday, just two days later. The practice treats urgent matters with urgency.

I found Dr. Taylor on Yelp and am grateful to the reviewers who pointed me in his direction. I was considering a few other surgeons as candidates, but feel like I hit the jackpot in choosing him.
– Lori T.

I am so happy with Dr Taylor and his staff and can’t recommend him more highly. I think one generally has to injure themselves before making use of my recommendation, though.
I decided a bimalleolar ankle fracture would be fun and as luck would have it, Dr Taylor was assigned to me at Alta Bates Emergency.
I’ve spent weeks thinking I’d never walk normally again but, son of a gun, I’m almost there.
My pain was awful – persistent and intense. I was happy with the pain meds I was using and when I asked for a refill, Dr Taylor half-ed the dosage and doubled the time in between. I was initially not too pleased but he was right – absolutely right. I was getting too comfortable with what I was taking and when in my GP’s office I had a wee epiphany; I’d become comfortably numb. And soon I wouldn’t need them at all.
He was totally right again when I attempted to decline in-home physical therapy. Like I’m just lying down or hopping to the loo with my trusty walker. What good could it do? Like I said, he was right again. And it’s not like he argued with me or anything,.. Dr Taylor just smiled and signed me up. (He is such a nice guy) And now my out-patient PT is really hastening my healing.
Also, Dr Taylor’s assistant was very gentle with my staples and both casts. I am so grateful.
I’ve broken both my wrists over the last ten years and I wish I had known Dr Taylor then. Both wrists remain weak and misshapen. I’m not even finished with my ankle recovery – I’m in a walking boot – but I can tell it’s all going to be fine.
Thank you Dr Taylor!
– Liz F.